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Looking for your place in the bigger picture? Here are some of the resources that will help you on your journey towards becoming a leader of tomorrow!

Management For Beginners

The Ultimate Guide for First Time Managers!

This is where you learn to become a manager who knows
how to make an impact.

From learning about management styles to coping with stress...
You get everything in this guide.
Magdalena Pontus, dedicated management professional

M. J. Pontus

I'm a dedicated management professional, with a smidge over ten years of experience in the hospitality industry. Having worked in management positions in companies like Taj and IHG, where I have been able to polish my management skills and developed a notable ability to handle teams.

The Ultimate Guide For First Time Managers

Find out how to embrace your new role and become

a successful manager.

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Smoothen the Transition

Transitioning from being an individual contributor to 

a manager is tough! But don’t worry because this book will make it smooth for you by teaching you how to delegate, maintain control and find a balance between everything.

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Overcoming Pressure

More power brings more responsibility! You had that in mind but being a manager can be really something out of your expectations. So, this book will help you overcome stress, demotivation, and self-doubt by offering actionable tips.

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People Skills Enhancement

The most important thing that you need to become

a better manager is people skills! So, this book acts as your guide and teaches you about winning your team members’ respect, trust, and becoming their source of motivation.

What’s Included in this Book?

Management For Beginners Talks About…

Getting the basics right

Learn the different styles of management, attributes of a good manager, and get advice on improving your work culture…

Improving things around you

Discover secrets to perfect communication and instantly improve everything around you. Not only that, but you get to learn ways to develop a high performing team…

Becoming a good mentor

Start with building trust with your employees and learn how to deal with resistance. Gain practical insights on becoming a good mentor to master the art of hiring and interviews…

Coping with issues

From resolving conflicts to overcoming stress and disciplining employees – learn everything that a modern manger needs to know when it comes to day-to-day issues.

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