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Hey, So Glad You're Here

M J Pontus - Author's photo

I'm M.J., a management professional with over a decade of experience. My goal is to help you become a better manager by sharing my experience with you, one step at a time ...

Covering everything management-related, from human resources and people skills to workplace issues faced by managers and executives. I provide actionable advice based on my experience and extensive research, always striving to be honest and straightforward.

Here, you can acquire leadership skills through drills and guidance on a variety of matters related to team management and motivation. I understand that new entrants need guidance and inspiration, so I am here to help them rise higher in their respective fields. ​


I believe that management is about getting your team riled up on doing things on their own, getting them to do things willingly, happily, and diligently. I'm committed to presenting the most honest, straightforward, and hands-on insight into management matters. Honesty is the best policy for becoming an excellent manager and leader, and that's what I strive to embody. ​


Through my management guides, you can learn from real-life examples and practical experiences. Let's get started on your journey to becoming a great manager!

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