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Hey, So Glad You're Here.

I'm Magda

Management For Beginners, The Ultimate Guide For First Time Managers

A management professional and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become a better manager by transferring my decade long experience to you – one step at a time!

All management matters….

This is where you get to learn about everything management!

From talks about human resources and people skills to workplace issues faced by managers, executives – this is where you get actionable advice about everything. And the best part? It isn’t guesswork! Instead, it is my experience coupled with extensive research and a knack for being honest – all the time!

This blog is where you get to acquire leadership skills through drills and guidance on a variety of matters about team management, and motivation.

Oh, and I don’t let our new entrants out in the open to swimming with the fishes. We hold their hand and offer inspiration so that they can rise higher in their respective fields. 

Management Done Right!

Ask yourself! What does management mean to you? To us, it’s about getting your team riled up on doing things on their own…It’s about getting them to do things willingly, happily, and diligently…

It is based on my intent of presenting the most honest, straightforward, and hands-on insight into discussed management matters. And it goes further to my idea that honesty is the best policy for becoming an excellent manager and a leader. 

​The beginning of ‘out of the box’ management…

The blog came into being when I realized that the leaders of tomorrow need more than bookish knowledge to set the new standards… I established this site as a knowledge-sharing platform where professionals can share insight and receive guidance from management experts and working professionals. Therefore, this is where I introduce my ‘out of the box’ management guides so that you can learn from real-life examples and practical experience…

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