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Building a Strong Manager Reputation: Tips and Tricks ...

Building a strong reputation as a manager takes time and effort, and losing it can be easy. Here are some tips on how to build a good reputation as a leader and how to be perceived as you imagined when you first decided to become a manager.

Your reputation consists of your actions and how others perceive them. The most important rule of reputation is that it's built from day one regardless of what position you arrived in at the company. It can be built as an employee, and also it can be built as a leader of a team. Here are some suggestions on how to build your reputation when you're progressing from a lower-tier employee to a leader position:

Don't forget from where you came - It is easy to quickly forget your past when you are appointed as a leader; however, it is probably the worst thing you can do. You need to change certain aspects of your image and have a more profound sense of responsibility, but also use your experience to build your future self.

Be honest - It might be obvious that being honest is an integral part of your reputation. Therefore everybody considers themselves honest person. However, there are times when specific details are not shared, which is essential if you are bringing bad news. If you're aiming to have a positive reputation, regardless of your position, it is crucial always to give full details.

Respect others, especially their time - Many managers think that their time is worth more than their team members. We all had bosses who were not merely hard to approach, but they were always late for the scheduled meetings too. To create a positive impact as the leader, being late or disrespecting others in any possible way, is a serious no-go.

Make other colleagues look good - It is easy to shine brighter than your team, but no manager should take credit away from their employees. A well-performing leader spends 70% of their time making their employees happy. One of the most critical parts of this job is to help others to achieve their goals, and when they do, allow and support them to be recognized.

Help others progress - Leaders with the best reputation share a common thing - they have a supportive team behind them. To create such an environment, you need to show positive gestures first. Your employees will support you if you encourage them in their progress. Let it be an educational goal, or if they want to get their next promotion.

Be part of the community - What I've already learned during my career is that there is no reputation in the high castle. If you avoid your employees, or you don't engage with them, they won't know you, and even more importantly, you won't know them. How could anybody have respect towards you without having a positive working relationship?

Don't be a boss; be a leader with a good reputation! Consider the above points, treat your team fairly, and create an environment, in which both they and you can progress. can progress.


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